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Deposit Products

Tsehay bank provides different domestic banking services for local customers. Using these services, customers can process their banking activities locally.

  • Ordinary saving account
  • Minor/juniors Saving Account
  • Youth Saving Account
  • Education Saving Account
  • Special saving account
  • Woman saving
  • Eddir Saving Account
  • Teen Youth saving account
  • Elders account
  • Salary Solution account
  • Muday saving Account

  • Women Wadiah
  • Youth Wadiah
  • Teen Wadiah
  • Elder Wadia
  • Minor Wadia
  • Wadia Education

Credit Products

The Bank provides commercial or business loans to eligible customers to meet their day-to-day working capital requirements and/or for investment purposes

  •  Export financing
  • Manufacturing loan
  • Domestic Trade Services
  • Construction Loan
  • Import Financing
  • Transport loan and others
  • Overdraft
  • Domestic Guarantee

  •       Murabaha Financing
  •       Ijara Financing
  •       Bai’ salam Financing
  •       Guarantee (Kafalah)
  •       Qard Pre-Shipment Export

International Banking

Tsehay Bank will render comprehensive package of International Banking services to its esteemed customers, and facilitates international payments, handles import and export transactions, and provides expertise advice to customers to ensure the smooth flow of cross border trade, and above all to the entire satisfaction of all parties involved.

  • Import and Export Letters of Credit (L/C)
  • Cash against Document (CAD)
  • Foreign Transfer Services, both incoming and outgoing
  • Sales and Purchase of Foreign currency

Tsehay Bank S.C maintains account relationship with accredited and renowned banks across the globe. Currently, it works with CAC International Bank (Djibouti), Salaam African Bank (Djibouti) and Bank of Beirut (UK).

The Bank provides foreign exchange remittance services/inward and outward transfers via SWIFT and in collaboration with authorized remittance service providers.

Digital Banking

Tsehay Bank’s Digital Banking provides banking services through payment cards, mobile and online platforms aiming to achieve accessibility, process efficiency, improved competitiveness and cost and time effectiveness.

Payment Cards

With Tsehay Cards, customers can access their account/s through ATM and make payments online and at POS terminals.


We deploy ATMs at selected areas to allow cardholders to conduct banking transactions like cash withdrawal, fund transfer and balance enquiry.

POS Terminals

We enable merchants to accept payments electronically through POS Terminals. Cardholders can make payments for purchases using their payment cards.

Mobile Banking

Wherever you are, Tsehay Mobile Banking brings banking service much closer to you through your mobile device.

Internet Banking

Customers can get a 24/7 access to their bank accounts through the bank's secured internet website.

Mobile Wallet

Our mobile wallet service is a virtual account linked to a registered mobile number where one can access wallet funds anywhere and anytime.

Agency Banking

This is a mobile money service designed mainly to create banking access to the unbanked segments of the population through agents using customer's mobile phone.