Women’s Saving Account (Kibirt)

Who is Eligible? 

➧ Women whose age are 18 and above; and

➧ Associations with a majority of women members.

Features of Kibirt Women’s Saving Account

➧ An increased daily ATM cash withdrawal limit will be arranged;

➧ Access to priority Banking service for depositors with amount exceeding ETB 500 thousand and for this special identification card will be issued;

➧ Free debit card will be issued linked to women’s saving account;

➧ For own business startup or expansion of existing business free business consultancy service and credit facilities will be arranged as per the Bank’s credit procedure;

➧ The customer transacting through Kibirt women’s debit card will be beneficiary of discounts secured from the Bank’s partners; and

➧ Depending on the amount of the outstanding deposit balance, progressive interest rate will be applied.